Happy Birthday MLK

A few months ago, Kongo was able to visit the new Martin Luther King memorial in Washington DC. This is an inspiring tribute to one of the most inspiring men of our age. Happy birthday MLK! Related articles Honoring – and fixing – the MLK legacy (mnn.com) Advertisements

Jungle Rules: Everything About Luggage

A previous post addressed Kongo’s Jungle Rules in Airports.  Today he tackles carry on luggage. Carry on luggage.   You don’t have to be tuned in to the jungle drum relay system to know that airplanes are crowded these days.  Kongo is usually on four planes a week and ALL of them are completely full.  This means that that there is not going to be enough room in the overhead bins for everyone to put all their gear up top and the stuff that does find a spot in the overhead is going to get squashed, squeezed, and banged as passengers…

A Long Layover in Atlanta

So, what’s a monkey to do when you get to the world’s busiest airport and realize you have four hours until your next flight?  Actually, there is scads of interesting things to do at ATL and Kongo always enjoys his layovers there.

Up and Away Again

Kongo has his boarding pass and is off to the East Coast for a conference and meetings.  Baby, it’s COLD outside back there so this little monkey is going to be snug as a bug in the roll-aboard. Real time updates on Twitter.  Kongo is such a connected monkey.