Have A Bissextile Day!

Kongo visited Stonehenge for the first time last year and one of the things he learned there was that some archeologists believe the ruins were actually an ancient calculator used to predict days and astrological events.  Wow.  Today Kongo wonders if the builders of Stonehenge figured leap days into their equation or if that would require shifting the stones or something….hmmm.  Too much for this monkey! Bissextile:  Containing or noting the extra day of a leap year.  (This would be a really, really great Words with Friends play)     Continue reading Have A Bissextile Day!

Getting Around in San Francisco

During a recent long weekend in San Francisco, one of Kongo’s favorite cities, he took note of all the ways to get around in the City.  First, never ever, ever try to drive yourself from one spot to the next and park.  Although you can probably do this, it is going to cost you more money than a 49er ever made and if you’re unfamiliar with San Francisco or are uncomfortable driving on very steep hills it is not going to be much fun.  Besides the cable car, which is pretty much synonymous with San Francisco, there’s many ways to quickly move you and your party about the City without spending a fortune in parking fees. Continue reading “Getting Around in San Francisco”


l So, talk about a major goof up. Kongo was monkeying around with Missy and showing off his new Delta wings and got LEFT BEHIND! So, when Kongo’s zookeeper boards the plane this morning Irena, another Delta flight leader and a friend of Marsha, wants to know where Kongo is. All the crew knew about Kongo and had bananas and a cockpit photo op lined up! Kongo is one dumb monkey! Mrs Kongo is express mailing the goofy little monkey to the East Coast so maybe he will get another chance on the way home. Dang! Continue reading Oops!

Bottoms Up!

Kongo went for a hike today in the Mission Trails Park.  Spring is just starting to begin in San Diego and many of the plants are starting to open up.  The Mission Trails Park is a great place because it has all native habitat.  The ducks are in the San Diego River near its headwaters in Mission Trails Park.  Besides the ducks Kongo spotted several hawks, a falcon, and even a bobcat.  None of these predators stuck around long enough for Kongo to get a good picture but they were fun to watch.

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Kongo Gets Wings

Flying from Atlanta to San Diego yesterday Kongo was awarded Delta wings from one his favorite flight attendants, Marsha, and he is now one proud little monkey.  Kongo and Marsha have been flying together between SAN and ATL for many years now.  To make it all even better, Eva, another fantastic Delta flight attendant, was also on board.  (Kongo and Eva sometimes run into each other at Cosco).  On a long flight — this one was five hours with 150 MPH headwinds — it doesn’t get any better than to fly with a cabin crew consisting of these two ladies.

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