East Coast Sunrise

Kongo is on the East Coast this week and snapped this sunrise with his iPhone.  Unusually good weather here for February and it will be in the 60s today and tomorrow.  Of course, Kongo is well aware of the old adage:  Red morning, sailors take warning.  Red sky at night, sailors delight.  This was actually more of a purple sky but it was beautiful.   Advertisements

Hello Kitty

Kongo was visiting the Mingei International Museum in Balboa Park today and came across this collection of cats.  Actually they are Maneki Neko, or “welcoming cats” from Japan.  Maneki Neko can have either the right or left paw raised with one paw meaning good luck and wealth while the other paw means a lot of customers will come in.  There seems  a lot of confusion about which is which.

Carp Diem

One of Kongo’s hobbies is taking care of his Koi in a little pond he had built into the front courtyard of his home in San Diego.  Actually, Kongo wanted a dog but Mrs. Kongo said if there was a dog then he had to travel with Kongo.  Well, that was just too hard so when they remodeled the house he did the Koi pond and stocked it with fish.

Jungle Rules: How to Travel Nicely in Airports

Kongo travels more than 200,000 miles on domestic flights within the USA along with a few passport-stamping expeditions overseas each year.  As a very frequent flier, recurrent car renter, and serial hotel guest he has picked up a few useful tips and pet peeves about navigating airports, airplanes, rental car counters, hotel check-ins, and getting around in strange places.