Fair Monkey

The Del Mar Fair is one of Kongo’s favorite annual rites.  The sunshine, the crowds of people, crazy hats, outlandish summer wear, amazing things to eat, and miles of booths filled with things for sale you didn’t know you needed until you saw them.  Kongo loves all the weird looking people with microphones who stand on slightly elevated booths and teach you about amazing kitchen utensils, choppers, knives, miracle sweepers, car wax, salsa choppers, and salad shooters.

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No Way To See Omaha

Kongo spent the week in Omaha.  As the clue in Monday’s New York Times crossword indicated, it’s the name of an indian tribe and a city in Nebraska.  Kongo goes there three or four times a year on business but this time there was such a busy schedule he spent all his time in his master’s briefcase longing to get out and DO SOMETHING.

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The Artful Monkey

Kongo swung over to the La Jolla Arts Festival today to ratchet up his culture meter.  He’s been supervising a condo renovation for the past few weeks and was getting so tired of watching grout dry, listening to Mexican music on the crew radio,  and reading new appliance installation manuals.  Besides, monkeys don’t read instructions until after it doesn’t work like its supposed to and then it’s a chore to even find the right papers and what is so hard about installing a dishwasher anyway?  Enough of that…Kongo needed an art fix.

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Million Mile Monkey

Last week, somewhere between the Minneapolis and Dulles airports, Kongo’s mileage odometer on Delta rolled over one million miles.  That’s a lot of miles for a little monkey and it came with a nice note from the pilot and a glass of champagne.  Delta awards gifts for reaching this milestone and Kongo picked out a new piece of Hartman roll aboard luggage to replace his aging Coach bag which was starting to show its miles even after several overhauls at the luggage store.

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