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Taking a break from the usual posts about my travels, I would like to take some time to discuss about tourism, how it differs in forms, how its practices differ in various nations, and most importantly, how travel blogs help communicate it. Forms Tourism has many different forms (e.g. social tourism, investment tourism),  and is often defined by the activities that constitute it. It is easily affected by several factors such as the state of the global economy, as well as socio-politico systems governing individual nations. For example, ceteris paribus, an increase in affluence could…

Getting Close

Nearly two years ago Kongo made reservations for the upcoming vacation.  Now the time draws near.  Very near.  On September 6 Kongo is off to Europe for two weeks with Mrs. Kongo.  They will first go to Budapest for a few days then board AMA DOLCE for a seven-day sail up the Danube to Nuremberg then spend three days in Prague.