On Par With Kongo

Kongo takes advantage of another one of those absolutely perfect San Diego days (there are only about 345 a year) to meet up with his friend Betty from Brooklyn, her husband Kim, and Mrs. Kongo for a round of golf in Rancho Bernardo.  Here Kongo is helping pick out the right club for an approach shot to the green.

Here is an example of one of the perfectly manicured greens at Oaks North, an executive golf course that Kongo like to play at with Mrs. Kongo.

Kongo tends the flag on the green.

Kongo is a useful little monkey on the golf course.  He picks out clubs, tends the flag, washes balls, and always has an extra ball handy for the occasional Mulligan.

After 18 holes they swing by the Bernardo Winery for a quick bite but the wait was too long  so they dropped by the Rancho Bernardo Spa and Inn for Cobb salads and iced tea.

By the way, Betty is also Kongo’s travel agent (his favorite kind of people) and is heading off to Europe with her in September (Budapest, Vienna, Nuremberg, and Prague along with a river cruise up the Danube).  Check Betty out here.



  1. I think it would be appropriate for Kongo to have an Olympic Gold Medal around his neck after his round of golf.


  2. What a wonderful day and so enjoyed playing with the Kongo family. Thanks for the plug!
    Hugs your friend Betty


  3. Would Kongo like to take part in the Golf event in the Olympics I wonder? He would win Gold for sure. Go Kongo GO!

    Monkey has just won gold himself. Not at golf though. That’s your game Kongo!
    We could have a monkey Olympics!



    1. They could do the “monkeys jumping on the bed” competition!


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