Blue State Blues

Kongo spreads out the latest campaign literature from today’s mail and tries to explain the issues in the upcoming election to the rest of the troop.  Actually, Kongo has already voted.  He went the first day early voting opened because he wasn’t sure if he was going to be in town on election day and it turns out he will be on an airplane next Tuesday heading toward Washington, DC.  He’s a clever little monkey. Continue reading “Blue State Blues”

Cruisin’ Coronado

Kongo cruised over to Coronado this morning on another perfect San Diego day.  (Take that, Hurricane Sandy, the storm that cancelled Kongo’s East Coast trip this morning).  Coronado is one of those picture perfect OMG Southern California communities made explicitly to lure “Buyers From The East” to California’s slowly recovering real estate market. Continue reading “Cruisin’ Coronado”

Kongo Meets Sandy or Long Distance Non Relationships

After wavering for two days and several hours, Kongo finally caved and cancelled a trip to Washington DC scheduled to start tomorrow morning.  He then spent a couple of hours on the phone canceling John his driver to the airport, flights, hotels, and rental cars and rescheduling for the following week.  It’s not that he’s afraid of hurricanes (he’s been through several, both ashore and at sea) it’s that all those wimps on the East Coast cancelled all the meetings and headed out to “The Giant” or something to buy toilet paper, which is what they always do whenever a … Continue reading Kongo Meets Sandy or Long Distance Non Relationships