Independence Square, Kiev

Independence Square in downtown Kiev is the public political center of Ukraine. This view of the square shows the column erected in 2001 as a tribute to Berehynia, a female spirit from Slavic mythology that has come to symbolize a “hearth mother” that serves as both a nurturer and protector of Ukraine. Interestingly, the column was erected on the site of a former monument to Lenin.

A-Z Photo Challenge: The Letter U

U is for UNDERGROUND The Kiev Metro Station, Zoloti Vorata (Golden Gate) is more than 340 feet underground.  Build during the 1980s when Ukraine was part of the USSR, this beautiful station is designed in a Ukrainian style.  It takes two escalator rides to get to the boarding area. Travel safe.  Have fun. Related articles Golden Gate (  

The Doll House

An earlier post tells the background story behind The Doll House.  Click the “Related articles” link below.  The grand girls loved it. Good times had by all.  Today they want to take Missy and Kongo to the zoo!  Kongo’s favorite pastime. Travel safe.  Have fun.  Enjoy the holidays! Related articles “Over the river and through the woods…” (  

Golden Gate

No, not that Golden Gate, we’re talking about the Golden Gate of Kiev.  Built about the same time as the Saint Sophia Cathedral, the Zoloti Vorata—golden gates—was constructed by Yaroslav the Wise between 1017 and 1024 and served as the main entrance to the walled city of Kiev.  It is reportedly modeled after the Golden Gate of Constantinople.