End of the Rainbow

Kongo caught the end of the rainbow in between showers today from the Silver Strand looking across San Diego Bay toward Chula Vista.  Rainbows are hard to catch.  Usually you see them disappearing in a cloud or on the far side of a mountain.  This one ends right on the water right in front of you.  There must be treasure there.  Or maybe it’s a lucky omen for 2013. Travel safe.  Have fun. Advertisements

Hotel Review: Grand Hyatt New York

Location, location, location.  Add in a lot of class, over-the-top amenities, art, excellent service, and some bling and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what this great hotel in the middle of the Big Apple has to offer.  Kongo and Mrs. Kongo stayed here five nights the week after Thanksgiving and met up with Mrs. Kongo’s brother and sister-in-law who stayed at a nearby hotel.  This was their first visit to New York so everything had to be perfect.  Which, of course, it was.

Ailsa’s Travel Theme: New

This week’s travel theme is “new” and what better way to start the New Year than with four new monkeys that joined Kongo’s troop Christmas Day?  From left to right are Bongo, Mooch, Caipora, and Jungle.  They actually came in wrapped in a big binder as a clever takeout on one of Kongo’s earlier blogs titled “Binders Full of Monkey,” which was a parody Kongo did on one of the presidential debates in October.

Santee Lakes Birds

Kongo fetched his new Christmas tripod and headed over to nearby Santee Lakes to see what birds were out and about this beautiful San Diego afternoon.  He came across this white pelican sitting on the grass and was able to get close.  Evidently pelicans don’t mind monkeys.  

A Beary Beary Christmas from San Diego

Kongo spied these bears on Christmas Eve at the San Diego Zoo.  The panda bear above was a big hit for about 50 visitors from Beijing who could not get enough of him.  The polar bear below awoke from a nap just in time to get her picture taken.  There is also a red panda in a tree.