Waiting For Supermoon!

Kongo took this picture of the moon last night while getting all lathered up for the SUPER moon this evening.  Tonight the biggest, fullest, and brightest moon of the year will occur.  Well, the moon doesn’t actually get any bigger, it’s the same size it always is, but it will look a bit bigger because it’s at the closest point of approach to earth this year.  A perigee moon.  So if you have a clear sky tonight, go out and have a moon party!  If you’re taking pictures, be sure to have your tripod handy. Travel safe.  Have fun. Related … Continue reading Waiting For Supermoon!

Goose Walk

Kongo is in New Jersey for some monkey business and got caught this morning by a flock of Canadian Geese that decided to cross a busy road in the middle of rush hour traffic.  Everyone slammed on their brakes and watched this feathered family take their time crossing the road.  Which, naturally begs the proverbial question:  Why did the goose cross the road? Travel safe.  Have fun. Continue reading Goose Walk