As the monkey headed out for an afternoon walk yesterday he was struck by a profusion of blooming Daylilies in his front yard.  The technical name for these flowers is Hemerocallis which comes from the Greek words “day” and “beautiful.”  These wonderful flowers certainly live up to their name but the blooms only last about 24 hours.  Fortunately there are lots and lots of buds so the next few weeks should be wonderful!



Long time readers will recall that Kongo is a bit of an opera buff.  He also likes theater and his all time, never to be exceeded, favorite is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 1988 musical Phantom of the Opera, based on the Gaston Leroux novel written in 1910 and inspired by the magnificent Opéra Garnier in Paris.  So naturally, when Kongo visited Paris a few weeks ago a trip to this icon of France was a high note of his visit.  Kongo has seen Phantom in London (three times), New York, Washington, DC, San Diego, and Abu Dhabi so being able to scamper up the Grand Staircase was pretty special but he was truly overwhelmed by the beauty of opulence of the rest of the building.