Good Morning Santa Fe

Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine caught the monkey’s eye yesterday morning while he was out and about on photo assignment.  Our class at the NatGeo Photo Expedition Workshop started out at the Santa Fe Railroad Yard with a theme to explore Santa Fe waking up.  Santa Fe is one of those places that wakes up slowly.  It seemed to be a stretch and yawn and snooze for another five minutes kind of place.

In Search of Georgia O’Keeffe

Yesterday Kongo visited the famous Ghost Ranch near the small town of Abiquiu in Northwest New Mexico.  The monkey was trying to find traces of the famous Georgia O’Keeffe who lived and worked in this area here from 1929 until her death in 1986.  Georgia was a reclusive soul and as Kongo wandered the Ghost Ranch trails and canyons he realized why this was such a perfect place for someone like her.  The light, the colors, the stillness, the smell of piñon, the crunch of hiking shoes on red New Mexico dirt.  All of this seems to draw you into the essence of…

Telling a Story in Santa Fe Plaza

Santa Fe just wouldn’t be Santa Fe without cow skulls, strings of chili peppers, adobe walls, and Spanish churches.  There’s also a lot of interesting characters mixed up in all this decor and bathed in the wonderful light of New Mexico.  Today our photo assignment was to hang out at the Plaza in the center of town and try to capture images that evoke the essence of Santa Fe and tell a story at the same time.  Now if you think about it, trying to tell a story with a single picture is hard to do.  Really hard.  We’re moving…

Monkeys on the Range

The monkey put on his boots, spurs, and duster and headed toward Eaves Movie Ranch yesterday afternoon for a photo shoot.  The ranch has been the set for several Westerns, including the Cheyenne Social Club, Lonesome Dove, Silverado, Every Which Way But Loose, and many, many, more.  Today Kongo’s National Geographic Photo Expedition Workshop got to work with models, learn about bouncing light, and get up close and personal with some real Western characters.