Morning Glory Morning

Morning Glories marching across Kongo’s backyard fence.  These invasive beauties are entwining themselves into the trumpet vine but the monkey just doesn’t have the heart to tell the gardener to take them out.  Besides, they’d just keep coming back. Continue reading Morning Glory Morning

Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Relaxing

  This week’s travel theme is relaxing.  Here in Koalifornia at the San Diego Zoo this koala relaxes in its nest.  These little guys (who are basically drunk all the time from fermented eucalyptus leaves in their digestive system) seem to be able to fall asleep in just about any position at the blink of an eye.  See more relaxing images at Ailsa’s Where’s My Backpack. Continue reading Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Relaxing

Seaport Village


Kongo visited Seaport Village in San Diego last evening.  Frankly, this over hyped tourist trap has few redeeming qualities unless you’re looking for T-shirt shops, kite stores, kiosks with saccharine bumper stickers and things that stick to refrigerators, and over-priced art with a vaguely nautical theme.  The one thing it does have is some spectacular views of San Diego Bay and some great opportunities to practice nighttime photography.  So Kongo paid the outrageous ransom to park, land lugged about his tripod and camera kit to chase the lights.  Here are a few of his favorites. Continue reading “Seaport Village”

Communing with a Reiki Master


So, Kongo was out doing some night photography this evening and came across Rabindra Sakar, a Reiki Master, in Seaport Village in San Diego.  Reiki is an alternative medicine involving spirituality where positive energies are released through the laying on of hands which promotes self-healing and a state of equilibrium.  Hmmm.  Anyway, when he’s not helping people heal themselves, Rabindra is a wizard at stacking rocks.  The rock pillars above do not use any glue or mechanical devices to get them to stay on top of each other.  It’s just a very, very good sense of balance on the part of Rabindra. Continue reading “Communing with a Reiki Master”