Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Through


This week, Ailsa’s Travel Theme is “through” so Kongo has posted some through images from a recent visit to Paris.  Above, traffic along the Avenue des Champs-Élysées appears to go through the Arc de Triomphe but, of course, it gets to a huge traffic circle and goes around not through the famous landmark.  See more through images at Ailsa’s Where’s My Backpack blog.   Continue reading “Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Through”

Shoot the Eyes


If you want compelling wildlife images you have to shoot for the eyes.  In almost every wildlife photo Kongo can imagine, the eyes of the animal become the central focus.  So, braving a blazing hot Sunday afternoon today, the monkey visited the San Diego Zoo Safari  Park in Escondido and shot the eyes out of this series of wildlife.  Above, an Ibis gives the monkey the eye. Continue reading “Shoot the Eyes”

Boyz In The Organ Pavilion



This clutch of intrepid young men were hanging out at the Balboa Park Organ Pavilion yesterday afternoon.  Kongo sensed that they were up to something.  He wasn’t wrong.  After casually scoping the area to make sure there were no security gorillas in the area these fearless Middle School warriors, this band of brothers, began taking skateboard leaps off the stage.  These weren’t measly little curb jumps.  These were leaps Evel Knievel  could admire. This was a precipice of almost five feet which, seemed to the monkey to be a long way to be free falling with a skateboard.   Continue reading “Boyz In The Organ Pavilion”