Seattle Sunrise


Kongo was in Seattle yesterday and is now flying back to San Diego to eventually rendezvous with some grand girls on Thanksgiving in Los Angeles  The sunrise behind Mt. Rainier today was absolutely was worth the price of the entire trip.  Visibility on the ground was nil…maybe 1000 feet.  Instrument take off shortly before 7 AM.  When the plane popped through the low cloud layer it was like, WOW, OMG, LOOK AT THAT!  OOHH, AHHH!  The entire plane tilted to the port side as everyone leaned over to get pictures of this spectacular sunrise.  This moment was another validation to Kongo’s rule of always keeping a camera handy!  Keep reading for more sunrise pictures coming out of SEA-TAK. Continue reading “Seattle Sunrise”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

  Now the monkey is not normally a dog photographer.  Sure, they’re cute and Kongo really likes dogs it’s just they don’t often pose well or they lick the camera lens or their eyes come out weird in a flash.  But this week’s photo challenge was UNEXPECTED and these dogs riding on a Harley and driving a car certainly fit the unexpected category.  These were taken at the Plaza in Santa Fe in July where actually a lot of unexpected things happen.  See more unexpected photos at the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected