El Presidio Reál de San Diego

The Royal Presidio of San Diego was established in 1769 and was the first permanent European settlement on the West Coast of what is now the United States.  It was the headquarters of the Spanish colonization of California.  A few months after the presidio was built, Father Junipero Serra established Mission San Diego a few miles to the east. Advertisements

Sunday in Encinitas

So the youngest monkey in Kongo’s troop and his bride are in town through New Year’s and Mrs. Kongo has been planning activities for when the two starving students from Boston broke free from the winter weather in the Northeast.  One of these things (or several of them, actually) were to “explore and do new things” and we were off to breakfast at some place she’d discovered on a monkey wife walking tour in Encinitas, and see some other things up there.  Encinitas is a small beach town about 25 miles north of downtown San Diego.  It is filled with…

Photo Shoot at Paramount Ranch

While waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, Kongo and his granddaughters took a picnic lunch over to Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills to do a photo shoot.  The girls wore their blue Christmas dresses they picked out themselves and raced off to explore the old western movie set while Kongo followed along and tried to get them to pause long enough to snap a couple of pictures.  It was a great lesson in the patience you have to learn if you want to photograph young children.

Surfing Christmas in San Diego

Okay, the monkey gets that the weather is indeed frightful for most of the country.  Kongo spent last week in New Jersey with icy roads, snow, and starting off each morning scraping winter junk off the windshields so he has sympathy.  A lot of sympathy.   Sort of. But today in San Diego it was 72 at the Ocean Beach Fishing Pier and the monkey captured how a lot of residents in America’s Finest City spend their time while less fortunate baboons are caught in blizzards.  Read on.

Weekly Photo Challenge: One

This week’s WordPress photo challenge is one so Kongo chose these three images (he’s always a rule breaker) to depict images where the focus is on a single object.  The first is a granddaughter alone with an iPad, the second is a single yucca plant against a cloudy San Diego sky, and the final selection is a lone kayaker paddling in an urban lake at sunset. See more one images at the Weekly Photo Challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

During the summer in Santa Fe bands play under a large gazebo and the local community comes to watch, listen, dance (with or without a partner) and generally do their own thing, as this interesting woman is doing dancing by herself and interpreting the music in her own special way.  It’s Santa Fe community in spades.  See more community images at the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

Old Mission Dam Revisited

After a week of 12-14 hour days poring over spreadsheets, building PowerPoint presentations, and going through innumerable “What If” drills, the poor little monkey had had enough!  So, after a Saturday afternoon nap while waiting for the sun to move closer to the horizon, Kongo grabbed his camera, slapped on the 70-200 lens, and headed for one of his favorite spots close to home:  The Old Mission Dam in Mission Trails Park.