Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood a few blocks west of Balboa Park is the 102-year old Spruce Street Suspension Bridge, or as locals call it:  The wiggly bridge.  The bridge was build in 1912 across Kate Sessions Canyon (Kate Sessions is known as the mother of Balboa Park) to connect the Bankers Hill and Balboa Park neighborhoods to the street car lines that were pushing up from downtown.  


As a promised follow-up to an earlier post today, it turns out there was a storm after all.  Despite the monkey’s hopeful strategy.  There were a couple of random flakes early but it started right at 10 AM in earnest, just as predicted.  And by earnest I mean blizzardy, horizontal snow accompanied by a howling wind that was just evil.  By 1130 when Kongo went out for lunch the parking lot (image below) looked pretty ugly and Kongo (above) took ten minutes to clear the windshield of snow.


Kongo leaves America’s finest city yesterday morning under crystal clear skies and warm temperatures.  Mrs.Kongo reports it was 80-something at the tree house yesterday when she came back from the gym.  But now Kongo is headed east into the jaws of yet another POLAR VORTEX on the East Coast.  What was he thinking?  The trip was not without adventure.