Kongo finally arrives at his cute little centuries old boutique hotel in the middle of the Cusco historic district. The usual travel adventures are now safely in the rear view mirror.  Late flights due to thunderstorms in Atlanta, late flights from Lima to Cusco caused by too many airplanes needing fuel (huh?) and the usual delays when group (groupo) traveling as  you can only move as quickly as the slowest member of the entourage.  Nothing serious but don’t question efficiencies about customs clearance or hotel check ins in certain parts of the world (this being one of them).  Of course none of that really matters after you finally get to your destination!  Kongo is very mañana and laid back now.


_MG_5814Early this morning the monkey hiked along the San Diego River near his home. Surprisingly, the river was running strong. In fact, it was overrunning its banks and the usual hiking trails were under water.  Kongo picked his way along the river from the Old Mission Dam to the bridge.

IMG_1051-2This week’s photo challenge is a tough one for the monkey.  Letters.  Hmm.  The  L-O-V-E sculpture on 6th Avenue in NYC comes to mind but alas, Kongo doesn’t have a picture of that.  He does have a picture of a statue of Pavol Hviezdoslav from Bratislava. Pavol was a Czech poet and dramatist and when you look at all the letters in his name and try to sound them out in your head it all starts going south about the time you get to the Z and

Untitled_Panorama1 San Diego’s Shelter Island has an interesting history.  Early nautical charts from the last century designated this area as a mud bank. During World War II there was a lot of dredging in San Diego Bay to accommodate all the navy traffic and this is where they dumped all the spoil. By the 1960s it was being touted as a “man-made wonderland of sub-tropical splendor.”