San Juan Capistrano


On the way home from Thanksgiving in Los Angeles, the monkey and Mrs. Kongo were breezing along Friday morning, well ahead of schedule, and decided to make a stop for lunch and a little exploring in San Juan Capistrano.  While there they visited the mission.

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Monkey Gobble


So, you have to give it to Mrs. Kongo.  She has a creative mind and during the holiday season she kinda goes a little bit crazy.  Like when she saw the original vegetable turkey platter on a Pinterest post, printed it out, planted in on the kitchen counter a few days ago and boldly announced:  “I’m going to make this!”

Kongo barely looked up from watching yet another legal analysis of grand jury proceedings gone awry in Missouri and said, “that’s nice.”

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Veterans Day in Savannah



Kongo flew to Florida from Boston yesterday and found himself with a holiday on his hands so he headed up the road a few hours north to visit Savannah, Georgia.  It seemed as if the whole city turned out to greet the monkey and they even threw a parade for him complete with these dancing, foot stomping, troop of girls from a local high school.  Turns out that it was actually a Veterans Day parade and since, after all, Kongo is a veteran he felt pretty good about showing up for the big event!

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