Reflections on 500 Blog Posts


A few days ago Kongo posted his 500th blog. It reminds me of that theoretical statistical scenario about how an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of typewriters will eventually reproduce the complete works of Shakespeare. As I look back over this effort that began in November 2011 there are several things I’ve learned and since this is MY blog, I think I’ll share them and would like to hear from others about what they’ve learned on their blogging journey. Continue reading “Reflections on 500 Blog Posts”

Monkey Milestone

Kongo’s blog just passed a major milestone.  One year ago yesterday Kongo put up his first blog post on WordPress.  Since then there have been 192 posts, more than 12,000 visitors, 224 subscribers, and more than 750 comments.  In the past year Kongo has logged more than 240,000 air miles, visited six new countries, and scratched one item off his bucket list (Prague).  Best of all he has met many, many new friends from all over the world. Many thanks to all the visitors and subscribers! Travel safe.  Have fun. About Kongo Continue reading Monkey Milestone