Wall Street


So last weekend Kongo checked out the area around Wall street in lower Manhattan. It had been a few years and Kongo wanted to see if anything changed.  It hadn’t.  It was pretty quiet and all the “Occupy” activists are long gone.  It was just the monkey and a flock of other tourists taking pictures. Above Alexander Hamilton poses in front of the Federal Building on Wall Street.   Continue reading “Wall Street”

Times Square

No visit to New York is really complete without passing through Times Square. The crowds, the food, the shopping, weird people, Broadway, shows, theater. It’s impossible to take in Times Square all at once. You have to stand in the middle of the center of the universe and just look around and feel it, smell it, experience it. Take in a play. Eat at one of the great places off one of the side streets. Watch the people. Watch the hustlers. Even when it’s not New Year’s it’s still like New Years every night. Continue reading “Times Square”