Children of the Dead

There are dead children in Oaxaca.  Hundreds of them.  They hold parades, hang out on street corners, and run wild in cemeteries.  These little ghouls are coming to get you.  They are adorable! Of course these kids aren’t dead dead.  They’re dia de muertos dead.  Day of the dead dead.  They’re actually very much alive.  If you think that kids in America like Halloween then you need to visit Oaxaca, Mexico during the Day of the Dead celebrations.  This is Halloween on a sugar high and it lasts for an entire week! Children everywhere love to dress up.  In Oaxaca…

Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Tempting

This week, Ailsa’s Travel Them is TEMPTING.  It’s hard for a child to resist the temptation of a cool, spraying fountain on a hot summer day as shown by this little girl who succumbs to the tempting allure to jump in the water on an August day in Balboa Park. See more tempting images at Ailsa’s Where’s My Backpack.

Monkeys in the Air

Early in Kongo’s blogging career he published a few posts about getting through airports and being “plane stupid” (see related articles at the end of this post).  After spending several days on the road last week flying to and from Philadelphia from the West Coast, Kongo has a few additional observations about objectionable monkey behavior when traveling.  Kongo realizes of course that cultured monkeys are supposed to pretend not to see bad behavior on the part of simian strangers and assume that they’re just having a bad day in the jungle.  But there’s something about Spring Break in the air…

Plane Stupid

Do our personalities change when we fly?  If you score an upgrade are you suddenly superior to the poor schmuck with the same mileage status who ended up in a middle seat when his earlier flight was cancelled? Watching people on airplanes is always a favorite pastime.  I am always amazed at the levels of cluelessness, arrogance, humanity, panache, obnoxiousness, and just plane rudeness I see on my frequent travels. The following are a few observations I’ve learned to avoid being plane stupid in the sky.