Porto, Portugal

Sailing south from the Bay of Biscay, Kongo’s ship, World Traveler, arrived in Porto, Portugal and moored next to a pier for the first time since Dublin. While riding to and from the ship in a tender reminds the monkey … Continue reading Porto, Portugal

Sagrada Familia


Yesterday Kongo toured the Sagrada Familia under construction in Barcelona, Spain.  This over the top, eye-watering, jaw dropping, awe inspiring site was a highlight of the monkey’s most recent European adventure.  There simply are not enough adjectives to describe this basilica and no picture can ever capture the beauty and grandeur rising from the streets of Barcelona.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

Regensberg Cathedral front face in Regensberg, Germany.  This cathedral, dedicated to Saint Peter, was built over the site of a Bishop’s Church dating to 700.  Construction on this cathedral started in 1783 and finished in 1320.  It is built in the high gothic architectural  style. Related articles Regensberg (travel-monkey.me) Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Big