San Diego is home to the Navy’s Seal Team SIX as well as the training facility for sailors hoping to join this elite force.  The two small craft in the first picture are called RHIBs which stands for Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat and are rigged to covertly transport Navy Seals.  These two boats were part of a flotilla of about a dozen boats that were returning to their base at the south end of Coronado after training in the ocean.  The SH-60 Skyhawk helicopter, hovering over the boats as they raced across San Diego Bay, was used to pull … Continue reading Seals!

South Bay Salt Marshes


At the southern end of San Diego Bay are a series of salt marshes and mud flats that are favorite spots for local and migrating sea birds.  On the Chula Vista side of the bay there is also a nature center that focuses on the environment, common marine species to the bay, and sea birds.  On the Coronado side of the bay there are pull outs along the Silver Strand where you can pull over and watch the birds. Continue reading “South Bay Salt Marshes”

Cruisin’ Coronado

Kongo cruised over to Coronado this morning on another perfect San Diego day.  (Take that, Hurricane Sandy, the storm that cancelled Kongo’s East Coast trip this morning).  Coronado is one of those picture perfect OMG Southern California communities made explicitly to lure “Buyers From The East” to California’s slowly recovering real estate market. Continue reading “Cruisin’ Coronado”