Cool Cats

Kongo is a proud Leo. Who wouldn’t want this magnificent animal for a talisman? So much better than say, a crab. (No offense to those gentle Cancer readers). The monkey took these pictures today at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.  He was on the way to see the new Tiger Trail Exhibit after getting all lathered up from reading a wonderful blog post titled “Tiger Breath” a few days ago by Cindy Knoke.  He passed the lion enclosure on the way to see the tigers. Advertisements

Wine, Sunsets, and Birthdays

With an approaching birthday this weekend, Kongo was invited out last night for an evening with long time friends Betty and Kim and their friends Mike and Shelly who were visiting from New York.  The six of them headed off in the late afternoon to the Cordiano Winery in Escondido for some wine, pizza, and a spectacular sunset.  Betty and Kongo have been traipsing about the world together for more than 30 years and they had a great evening talking about where they might be headed to next.  Myanmar before it gets spoiled?  Panama? And then Kongo starts whining about the…