Ventura County Fair

Kongo went to the fair today.  Gentle readers may recall that the monkey really, really likes fairs.  Bigley.  His favorite fair is the Del Mar fair in San Diego but since he now lives in Ventura County the local fair has to do.  It’s about a third the size of the Del Mar Fair but it’s a fair and Monkeys can pretty much have fun wherever they are.  This year was special in that he was able to go with his #3 granddaughter.  A Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen look-alike named Persephone. Persephone doesn’t have any dragons yet but just give her…

Monkey at the Fair

Kongo made his annual trek to the Del Mar Fair today.  This monkey loves the fair.  He likes the smells, the food, the exhibits, watching the people, and learning about all the things for sale that he never knew he needed before.  The fair is great entertainment all the way around and more fun than a barrel of …hmmm… Monkeys.  Keep reading to see some of Kongo’s favorite fair memories.  

Monkeys Don’t Eat Fatback!

Kongo paid a quick visit to the Besarabsky Rynok food market in Kiev.  It is the most famous indoor food market in Kiev and if you’re used to shopping at your local Safeway or Vons in the USA, this will be a treat for you.  The market has all kinds of meats, fish, caviar, sausages, fresh vegetables, and fruit.  It’s a cornucopia of enticing smells and eye raising opportunities.  If you go to Kiev you have to put this on your must see list of things to do to truly experience Kiev.