Just Another Monkey?

So as Kongo heads out the door to the zoo to visit the animals in the late afternoon light Mrs. Kongo says, “You just keep taking the same pictures of the same old monkeys.  Pretty soon they’ll be saying, ‘Hey, Kongo, where have you been?”  The same old monkeys?  This was lost on Kongo who then became determined to avoid his favorite spots on the Monkey Trail.  Coming up from Fern Canyon he did spy this old gal but (for the information of Mrs. Kongo!) this is NOT A MONKEY.  It’s a orangatan.  He did see some other cool animals…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Imagine Kongo’s surprise when a large rock he had been studying in this pool at the San Diego Zoo yesterday suddenly blew bubbles, rose to the surface, and began wiggling its ears!  Kongo was reminded of a line from the Disneyland Jungle Cruise captain who said you only have to worry about hippos when they wiggle their ears! Travel safe.  Have fun.