Morocco Travel: L’Ma Lodge

Driving through the desert waste west of the Sahara in Southern Morocco gives one a unique appreciation for water. Where there is water there is life. Where there is no water there is nothing but rock and sand.  The photo below, taken of a small village oasis south of the High Atlas Mountains illustrates this. Water from mountain snowmelt feeds a river, often underground, and the village springs up next to groves of date palms. Kongo will write about the desert and the rare oases he travelled through later but this illustrates the point. A day’s drive from our desert…

Hotel Review: Grand Hyatt San Francisco

Kongo often reads with a high degree of admiration the hostel reviews written by brave travelers in exotic destinations.  This isn’t one of those reviews.  Kongo just doesn’t do hostels, frankly, and his idea of roughing it are defined by other parameters.  But Kongo does realize that there are all types of travelers and many different ideas about what constitutes acceptable lodging.  The Grand Hyatt in San Francisco is (in Kongo’s humble opinion) one of those places that qualifies as very acceptable lodging.