Drinking Wine With Joe McNally

After surviving the pandemic, some rather serious surgeries, several weeks of physical therapy, and broken bones (bike crash), Kongo Monkey returns to his blog after a trip to Northern California for a photo workshop with the incomparable Joe McNally. This week-long adventure to San Francisco and the Napa Valley was the perfect get-out-of-the-treehouse romp to get the monkey back into an unZoomed world.

Joe makes a point during a demonstration
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Chasing Light With Joe McNally


Kongo just finished a 4-day Photo Workshop in San Francisco with National Geographic photographer and photo legend Joe McNally.  One of the many things Joe is famous for is his creative use of artificial light to build stunning images.  This weekend was no exception.  While working with Joe, Kongo was able to take some images too, but without all the equipment Joe normally uses.

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New York Streets


The monkey spent four days in New York last week and over the weekend attending a National Geographic Photo Workshop with Joe McNally.  The workshop was great, Joe was fantastic as always, and the support group hosting the event was superb.  Here’s a few of Kongo’s shots that included players, posers, crazies, and a view.  The sax player above is from Russia.  He had staked out a great spot within a tunnel in Central Park with great acoustics and great afternoon light. Continue reading “New York Streets”