Up in the Air

So the monkey took a little stroll down memory lane today and headed out to the annual air show at Miramar.  There he joined about 100,000 (this is no exaggeration) of his closest friends for some spectacular aerobatics and dozens of vintage military aircraft that were on display.  There was plenty of food, drinks, and military memorabilia on sale that you could pick through when your neck wasn’t cranked up looking at the sky as some screaming jet or helicopter went zooming past. Advertisements


  San Diego is home to the Navy’s Seal Team SIX as well as the training facility for sailors hoping to join this elite force.  The two small craft in the first picture are called RHIBs which stands for Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat and are rigged to covertly transport Navy Seals.  These two boats were part of a flotilla of about a dozen boats that were returning to their base at the south end of Coronado after training in the ocean.  The SH-60 Skyhawk helicopter, hovering over the boats as they raced across San Diego Bay, was used to pull…

Musée de l’Armée

Last month while walking about Paris Kongo paid a brief visit to the Musée de l’Armée (Army Museum).  In modern French history—everything since the Revolution—starts and stops with Napoleon Bonaparte.  In the photograph above the emperor warrior towers above the entry courtyard in his iconic “hands inside his blouse” pose.  Kongo is a big fan of Napoleon and has studied most of his battles.  The Musée is an imposing place and one that pays fitting tribute to the history of this nation.