Monkey at the Fair


Kongo made his annual trek to the Del Mar Fair today.  This monkey loves the fair.  He likes the smells, the food, the exhibits, watching the people, and learning about all the things for sale that he never knew he needed before.  The fair is great entertainment all the way around and more fun than a barrel of …hmmm… Monkeys.  Keep reading to see some of Kongo’s favorite fair memories.   Continue reading “Monkey at the Fair”

Monkeys in the Air


Early in Kongo’s blogging career he published a few posts about getting through airports and being “plane stupid” (see related articles at the end of this post).  After spending several days on the road last week flying to and from Philadelphia from the West Coast, Kongo has a few additional observations about objectionable monkey behavior when traveling.  Kongo realizes of course that cultured monkeys are supposed to pretend not to see bad behavior on the part of simian strangers and assume that they’re just having a bad day in the jungle.  But there’s something about Spring Break in the air that amplifies bad behavior and Kongo can no longer remain silent.  Please bear with him. Continue reading “Monkeys in the Air”

Kongo Needs Help


Kongo’s Monkey House is getting crowded and there are monkeys everywhere!  This big guy came home from a dinner Thursday evening at the home of Betty and Kim (Betty is Kongo’s travel agent) who found him wandering the aisles at Costco looking for light beer.  The addition brings the total number of primates in Kongo’s troop to ten!

Now the problem here, and this is where Kongo needs some help, is that this big monkey can’t remember his name.  (Perhaps there were too many beers in his rear view mirror) So Kongo is seeking advice from his gentle readers on picking out an appropriate name for this guy. Continue reading “Kongo Needs Help”