Waiting For Supermoon!

Kongo took this picture of the moon last night while getting all lathered up for the SUPER moon this evening.  Tonight the biggest, fullest, and brightest moon of the year will occur.  Well, the moon doesn’t actually get any bigger, it’s the same size it always is, but it will look a bit bigger because it’s at the closest point of approach to earth this year.  A perigee moon.  So if you have a clear sky tonight, go out and have a moon party!  If you’re taking pictures, be sure to have your tripod handy. Travel safe.  Have fun. Related … Continue reading Waiting For Supermoon!

Bye bye blue moon

The last blue moon until 2015 sets in a crystal clear San Diego sky.   A blue moon isn’t really blue.  It’s the second full moon in a month.  This August there were two full moons so the one that rose on August 31st and set on September 1st is a “blue moon.”  The next blue moon is in 2015.  The term “blue moon” is an expression denoting a rare event such as, “once in a blue moon.” Related articles Last Blue Moon Until 2015 Visible Tonight (arkansasmatters.com) Continue reading Bye bye blue moon