Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Distance



Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week is DISTANCE so Kongo has included a few distance images from travels over the past year.  See more distance photos at Ailsa’s Where’s My Backpack blog and join the fun in her weekly theme challenges.  The shot above is of downtown San Diego, California.

Travel Safe.  Have fun.

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Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Big

  This week Ailsa’s Travel Theme is BIG.  After reading the challenge this image of a large butte rising from a canyon floor at the Ghost Ranch near Abiquiu, New Mexico came to mind.  Kongo visited the Ghost Ranch as part of National Geographic Photo Expedition Workshop in July.  See more BIG images at Ailsa’s Where’s My Backpack. Related articles NatGeo Photo Workshop: A Review ( In Search of Georgia O’Keeffe (   Continue reading Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Big

Ailsa’s Photo Theme: Wild

This week’s travel theme is WILD.  These towering bluffs in a box canyon in the wilds of New Mexico near Ghost Ranch reminds Kongo of all the wild places left to explore in the world.  It also reminds him of walking through the canyons in New York City.  Another wild place.  See more wild things at Where’s My Backpack. Related articles In Search of Georgia O’Keeffe ( Continue reading Ailsa’s Photo Theme: Wild

NatGeo Santa Fe Photo Workshop: A (Updated) Review

Joe McNally at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

Kongo spent last week in Santa Fe, New Mexico attending a National Geographic Expeditions Photography Workshop.  This is a review of the workshop.  I updated this post to include a video made by the staff of our week in the Photo Workshop. Continue reading “NatGeo Santa Fe Photo Workshop: A (Updated) Review”

Good Morning Santa Fe


Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine caught the monkey’s eye yesterday morning while he was out and about on photo assignment.  Our class at the NatGeo Photo Expedition Workshop started out at the Santa Fe Railroad Yard with a theme to explore Santa Fe waking up.  Santa Fe is one of those places that wakes up slowly.  It seemed to be a stretch and yawn and snooze for another five minutes kind of place. Continue reading “Good Morning Santa Fe”