Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Illuminated

This week Ailsa chose illuminated as a travel theme.  That’s a great opportunity and Kongo had difficulty in figuring out which images in his library worked for this challenge.  He finally settled on these two that highlight his love of natural illumination.  In the first image a character in the Disneyland Parade has her headdress backlit by a setting sun.  In the second, illumination pours into Notre Dame in Paris.  See more illuminated images at Ailsa’s Where’s My Backpack? blog. Continue reading Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Illuminated

The Monkey of Notre Dame


Spectacular Gothic architecture.  Gargoyles.  Stained glass to die for.  The Notre Dame cathedral in Paris lives up to everything you’ve ever read about it.  Dating back to the 1100s, this is a really, really old church.  It’s been restored at various times over the centuries and today it remains it good shape.  At least as far as the monkey could tell.  Kongo didn’t climb the belfry but might be tempted to do it at some later date when he had more time.   Continue reading “The Monkey of Notre Dame”