Secret Stairs In Pacific Palisades

So Candice, the woman who does Mrs. Kongo’s toes, told her about these secret stairway walks all over Los Angeles.  Naturally, Mrs. Kongo shared this enticing news and Kongo took off to start exploring a whole new thing. Actually, he’d kinda sorta heard about these secret stair walks when researching places to do photo shoots in LA but this really got him going. First he did some research and it turns out that there are actually books written about these hidden stairways but it’s still a pretty under the radar thing.   One of the coolest walks is supposed to…

Titanic Exhibit

There’s a great Titanic exhibit at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley now through January 7, 2018.  Looking at the artifacts and recreations and seeing the story of how it was discovered can give you goose bumps and it wouldn’t just be because it’s pretty cold in the exhibit area.  (Take a sweater)  Titanic is one of those timeless stories that keeps people from all over the world fascinated. Kongo was fascinated by a gigantic model of the sunken ship.  The detail of the wreck on the floor of the ocean was amazing. The monkey can only imagine the…

Ventura Pier

Ventura lies about halfway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.  It’s that often forgotten place where people who drive through it on the 101 Freeway say things like, “We need to come here sometime,” but never do.  Well, just off the freeway is a pretty cool pier that might make you want to change your mind the next time you driving up or down the coast. It’s a long pier.  To be precise the pier today is 1,600 feet long.  It’s had various lengths over the years.  In 1872 when the pier was first built it was 1,200 feet long…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is Path.  Above a pier path leads into the ocean at a resort in Cancun, Mexico.  See more end of year paths at the Challenge Website. If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.  — Barack Obama Travel safe.  Have fun.

Dubrovnik Day Trip

George Bernard Shaw called Dubrovnik “heaven on earth.”  This angelic city on the Adriatic Sea certainly lives up to this billing.  Pretty much the entire historic medieval part of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site and its easy to see why.  It is one of the most beautifully preserved medieval cites in the world.  And HBO thinks so too as it chose this location for many of its Game of Thrones scenes in the fictional Kings Landing.

Surfing Christmas in San Diego

Okay, the monkey gets that the weather is indeed frightful for most of the country.  Kongo spent last week in New Jersey with icy roads, snow, and starting off each morning scraping winter junk off the windshields so he has sympathy.  A lot of sympathy.   Sort of. But today in San Diego it was 72 at the Ocean Beach Fishing Pier and the monkey captured how a lot of residents in America’s Finest City spend their time while less fortunate baboons are caught in blizzards.  Read on.

Scripps Pier

The Scripps Pier at sunset.  This research pier is located between La Jolla Shores and Black’s Beach in La Jolla.  Kongo snapped this image shortly before he moved beneath the pier to get the shot in the previous post.  He liked the reflection on the sand and the sandpiper who stood still long enough not to be blurry in this 3-second exposure. Travel safe.  Have fun. Related articles Under the Pier (