Waiting for Egrets

This idyllic little stretch of water just above the Old Mission Dam in San Diego is a perfect place for Snowy Egrets.  Kongo has seen many of them here and they rank way up there in the monkey’s list of favorite birds.  The only thing missing is the bird.  Kongo made a trip to this spot near his house in the late afternoon to catch the light and find an Egret.  Or a Great Heron which he’s also spotted here before.  Not today.  He waited until the parking lot gate was about to close and packed it in.  Cocktail hour…

Santee Lakes Birds

Kongo fetched his new Christmas tripod and headed over to nearby Santee Lakes to see what birds were out and about this beautiful San Diego afternoon.  He came across this white pelican sitting on the grass and was able to get close.  Evidently pelicans don’t mind monkeys.