Casablanca, Morocco

The monkey arrived in Casablanca this afternoon after a long non-stop flight from LAX to Paris with another connecting flight down to the Casablanca airport in Morocco.  Mrs. Kongo is dragging a bit even ensconced in the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel right on the Atlantic Ocean.  Kongo joins nine other intrepid travelers for a ten-day tour of Morocco where he will be traveling around the country, exploring mountain ranges, camping in the Sahara desert, and nosing around lots of medinas, oases, and souqs.  Of course it is Ramadan season so there is that and Betty, our tour organizer, put us…

Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Statues

  Ailsa’s theme this week is statues. Kongo has observed that statues are like photo magnets.  People with cameras can’t avoid snapping a picture. Kongo is the same way and the images in this post are some of his snaps during recent travels.  The wooden Indian statue above was captured in Ybor City, Florida.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

This week’s photo challenge is object where we are asked to focus on a single object for our subject and to make it clear what our focus was.  Kongo’s choice for this challenge is the clock at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris taken at night from a boat cruising the Seine.  Using a fast setting I was able to suppress any reflections from the building and just focus on the clock itself, which is illuminated from inside.  See more objects at the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Illuminated

This week Ailsa chose illuminated as a travel theme.  That’s a great opportunity and Kongo had difficulty in figuring out which images in his library worked for this challenge.  He finally settled on these two that highlight his love of natural illumination.  In the first image a character in the Disneyland Parade has her headdress backlit by a setting sun.  In the second, illumination pours into Notre Dame in Paris.  See more illuminated images at Ailsa’s Where’s My Backpack? blog.