Ventura Pier

Ventura lies about halfway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.  It’s that often forgotten place where people who drive through it on the 101 Freeway say things like, “We need to come here sometime,” but never do.  Well, just off the freeway is a pretty cool pier that might make you want to change your mind the next time you driving up or down the coast. It’s a long pier.  To be precise the pier today is 1,600 feet long.  It’s had various lengths over the years.  In 1872 when the pier was first built it was 1,200 feet long…

Peerless Pier

There’s something about piers.  If there is one on a beach it becomes a destination.  Those who like to walk on beaches (remember those old profiles in lonely hearts columns…”I like long walks on the beach…”) seem to always gravitate toward pilings that stretch out over the water.  Kongo likes piers too.