Atlas Ocean Voyages: Cruise Review

Earlier this week, Kongo finished a 10-day cruise aboard Atlas Ocean Voyages‘ World Traveller. This is a detailed review of the cruise, the ship, and the total Atlas experience. If you’ve considered Atlas, or if you’re thinking of going overboard … Continue reading Atlas Ocean Voyages: Cruise Review

European River Cruise Basics


If you’re of a certain age and watch TV you have seen plenty of commercials about river cruising.  Long boats ply navigable rivers all over Europe.  Some companies are planning cruise itineraries on U.S. rivers too.  Like all travel options there are pros and cons.  This post examines Kongo’s take on river cruising in Europe.

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Viking Ocean Cruise Review — Viking Star


Kongo recently completed a 13-day ocean cruise aboard the Viking Star, the newest addition to the Viking fleet.  The Viking Star represents the company’s first foray into the world of ocean cruising and the monkey was able to take one of the inaugural cruises known as the Mediterranean Odyssey.  This is a review of the cruise.  If you’re a fan of the traditional Viking river cruises and are considering a new experience on their ocean cruise segment, please read on.

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