Morocco Travel: L’Ma Lodge

Driving through the desert waste west of the Sahara in Southern Morocco gives one a unique appreciation for water. Where there is water there is life. Where there is no water there is nothing but rock and sand.  The photo below, taken of a small village oasis south of the High Atlas Mountains illustrates this. Water from mountain snowmelt feeds a river, often underground, and the village springs up next to groves of date palms. Kongo will write about the desert and the rare oases he travelled through later but this illustrates the point. A day’s drive from our desert…

NatGeo Photo Workshop Review: Oaxaca — Day of the Dead

  Kongo is back from a fabulous Photo Workshop with National Geographic in Oaxaca, Mexico to capture the Day of the Dead celebrations.  This is a review of that workshop and National Geographic workshops in general.  Previously the monkey has attended NatGeo workshops in Santa Fe, New York, and San Francisco. Overview: The workshop was held in Oaxaca, Mexico from October 29 through November 4.  The format included daily classroom sessions that critiqued the results of shooting assignments, workflow methodology, photography techniques, and the National Geographic “way of doing things.”  The rest of the time was spent in the field…

European River Cruise Basics

If you’re of a certain age and watch TV you have seen plenty of commercials about river cruising.  Long boats ply navigable rivers all over Europe.  Some companies are planning cruise itineraries on U.S. rivers too.  Like all travel options there are pros and cons.  This post examines Kongo’s take on river cruising in Europe.

Viking Ocean Cruise Review — Viking Star

Kongo recently completed a 13-day ocean cruise aboard the Viking Star, the newest addition to the Viking fleet.  The Viking Star represents the company’s first foray into the world of ocean cruising and the monkey was able to take one of the inaugural cruises known as the Mediterranean Odyssey.  This is a review of the cruise.  If you’re a fan of the traditional Viking river cruises and are considering a new experience on their ocean cruise segment, please read on.

AMAWaterways: River Cruise Review

Kongo returned to the USA on Wednesday after a 14-day Danube River cruise aboard the AMA DOLCE, one of the newest ships in the AMAWaterways fleet. This is a review of that trip. If you’ve ever considered taking this type of cruise I hope you continue reading.