It was feeding time for the vultures at the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park yesterday when Kongo passed by.  Vultures are interesting birds and provide valuable services by cleaning up carrion in the wild but these are images you wouldn’t want to see anywhere outside of a zoo, like if you were trekking across the desert and one of them landed next to you.

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Cool Cats


Kongo is a proud Leo. Who wouldn’t want this magnificent animal for a talisman? So much better than say, a crab. (No offense to those gentle Cancer readers). The monkey took these pictures today at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.  He was on the way to see the new Tiger Trail Exhibit after getting all lathered up from reading a wonderful blog post titled “Tiger Breath” a few days ago by Cindy Knoke.  He passed the lion enclosure on the way to see the tigers.

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Shoot the Eyes


If you want compelling wildlife images you have to shoot for the eyes.  In almost every wildlife photo Kongo can imagine, the eyes of the animal become the central focus.  So, braving a blazing hot Sunday afternoon today, the monkey visited the San Diego Zoo Safari  Park in Escondido and shot the eyes out of this series of wildlife.  Above, an Ibis gives the monkey the eye. Continue reading “Shoot the Eyes”