Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped

Kongo’s response to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:  Enveloped.  A flamingo at the San Diego Zoo envelops itself in a wing.  See more enveloping ideas here. Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped

Zoo Birding


Okay, Kongo gets that serious birders will look down their beak in a scathing fashion about the notion of going birding at the zoo.  And given that Kongo is just back from touring the Galapagos Islands where the birds were everywhere in the wild he admits that it is a bit of a let down to go to the zoo now although the San Diego Zoo happens to be one of Kongo’s favorite places and where else can you get a close up of a Hyacinth Macaw (above) and Metallic Starlings (read on) on the same day? Continue reading “Zoo Birding”

Butterfly Jungle


Kongo got up close and personal with more than 10,000 butterflies at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park when he visited the Butterfly Jungle yesterday.  They flit, flutter, float, flop, and fly about landing on everything including Kongo’s camera, his backpack, and even on his head!  Above a Postman butterfly rests before looking for more nectar. Continue reading “Butterfly Jungle”

Cock of the Walk

_MG_1823It’s easy to see why this bright orange bird is called the “Cock of the Walk.”  It’s an expression that evokes flashiness, bossiness, and dominance over those lesser beings in the barnyard. This Andean Cock of the Walk at the Parker Aviary in the San Diego Zoo today was making a lot of noise as befits a Cock of the Walk in mating season.

Continue reading “Cock of the Walk”