Monkey on Tour

5DM32270Kongo watched his first professional bicycle race today, the Amgen Tour of California.  This was stage three of an 8-stage race all over the state.  Fortunately, the path of this race passed just a few blocks from Kongo’s home.

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Monkeys Don’t Know Jack About Lawn Bowling


So the monkey learned something today. A “jack” is that little white ball which is rolled out onto a lawn “rink” to kick off a fast-paced (relatively) game of lawn bowling.  Another interesting fact about lawn bowling is that they don’t use bowling balls at all.  They use “bowls.”  The bowls are not spherical since one side is slightly flattened and also weighted, which causes the bowl to curve as it slows down.  Who knew?  This game is way more challenging than say curling.  We won’t even mention bocce because, as the sign says, it isn’t allowed.  Keep reading to learn more about the fascinating sport of lawn bowling. Continue reading “Monkeys Don’t Know Jack About Lawn Bowling”

A-Z Challenge: The Letter R

R is for RACE! Kongo enters his first A-Z Photo Challenge with a shot of road racers in the Budapest half-marathon held in September 2012.  The picture was taken at the 7 km mark.  I love the different faces showing determination and exertion.  And thanks to Stephen Kelly whose brilliant posts in this challenge inspired me. Travel safe.  Have fun. Related articles A-Z Challenge: The Letter R: ROAR!!! ( Continue reading A-Z Challenge: The Letter R