Monkeys at the Louvre

After sleeping in and finally getting time zones synchronized, Kongo walked over to the Louvre this morning.  You can’t really describe the Louvre.  Hundreds of volumes have been written about it and how you have to plan your days and stake out what you want to see and be clever about navigating your way through the various wings and levels. Kongo is now convinced none of that really matters because you’re going to be so overwhelmed that you just stand around gaping at everything you see. It’s too much! Quickly realizing he wasn’t going to see everything he wanted to…

A-Z Photo Challenge: The Letter U

U is for UNDERGROUND The Kiev Metro Station, Zoloti Vorata (Golden Gate) is more than 340 feet underground.  Build during the 1980s when Ukraine was part of the USSR, this beautiful station is designed in a Ukrainian style.  It takes two escalator rides to get to the boarding area. Travel safe.  Have fun. Related articles Golden Gate (