Rhine Falls


The largest waterfall in Europe, the mighty cataract known as Rheinfall, was formed in the last great Ice Age about 15,000 years ago.  It’s still going strong.  This waterfall is 75 feet high and 450 feet wide.  Millions of gallons of fresh water flow across the rocks every day.

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Kongo Buys A Tree

How about this one?
How about this one?

Kongo’s youngest son and daughter-in-law arrived from Boston yesterday and after dropping their bags the expanding troop heads off for the annual Christmas Tree Hunt at the Kiwanis lot a few miles from Kongo’s house.  The trees here are always nice and the proceeds go to a good cause.  This year Emily gets to pick out the tree because she told this mournful story about how her family has a fake tree each year and she can’t ever remember actually picking out a tree that somebody else cut down for her.  Scotch Pine or Blue Spruce?  So many decisions. Continue reading “Kongo Buys A Tree”

Rockin’ Salvation

Kongo is visiting New York City for a long weekend and came across this musical Salvation Army duo at Rockefeller Center in Midtown. Their animated singing to a series of classic Christmas carols brought lots of cheer to the massive crowds visiting the center to see the newly lit Christmas Tree. Be sure to read on and see the short video clip of these guys.

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The Doll House

An earlier post tells the background story behind The Doll House.  Click the “Related articles” link below.  The grand girls loved it. Good times had by all.  Today they want to take Missy and Kongo to the zoo!  Kongo’s favorite pastime. Travel safe.  Have fun.  Enjoy the holidays! Related articles “Over the river and through the woods…” (travel-monkey.me)   Continue reading The Doll House