Secret Stairs In Pacific Palisades

So Candice, the woman who does Mrs. Kongo’s toes, told her about these secret stairway walks all over Los Angeles.  Naturally, Mrs. Kongo shared this enticing news and Kongo took off to start exploring a whole new thing. Actually, he’d kinda sorta heard about these secret stair walks when researching places to do photo shoots in LA but this really got him going. First he did some research and it turns out that there are actually books written about these hidden stairways but it’s still a pretty under the radar thing.   One of the coolest walks is supposed to…

A Neighborhood Walk

Kongo strapped on his banana walking shoes (see Fair Monkey, a recent post) and took off for a Sunday morning walk in his neighborhood in San Diego.  Fortunately, he had the monkey-sense to take along his i-Phone and he took several pictures of colorful flora.  Hope you enjoy it as much as he did. Travel safe.  Have fun.