A-Z Photo Challenge: The Letter X

X is for National Xmas Tree

Kongo fretted about this week’s photo challenge for over a month. I mean, what can you do with the letter X? X-ray, Xylophone, Xi, Xenophobia, or a bunch of Scrabble words that have no accepted definition other than that they are in the Scrabble dictionary? Kongo was almost reduced to taking of picture of the office Xerox machine when the holiday decorations in the cube farm outside his office inspired him. So, after work at the height of DC rush hour traffic, the monkey drives from Herndon down to the National Mall, sharks for a parking place for 30 minutes, walks a mile, and freezes his Southern California tootsie off to get these pictures of the National Xmas Tree. Now that, my gentle readers, is a real photo challenge! Continue reading “A-Z Photo Challenge: The Letter X”