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Getting Around in San Francisco


During a recent long weekend in San Francisco, one of Kongo’s favorite cities, he took note of all the ways to get around in the City.  First, never ever, ever try to drive yourself from one spot to the next and park.  Although you can probably do this, it is going to cost you more money than a 49er ever made and if you’re unfamiliar with San Francisco or are uncomfortable driving on very steep hills it is not going to be much fun.  Besides the cable car, which is pretty much synonymous with San Francisco, there’s many ways to quickly move you and your party about the City without spending a fortune in parking fees.

Old style trolley cars run up and down Market Street and to the Wharf areas.
Pedicabs are all over downtown
Kind of geeky but an interesting way to see the tourist areas
The ultimate tourist transport
Cabs always work. Relatively inexpensive and plentiful.
Hop on/Hop off tour bus is a great way to get a quick overview of the City
Kongo swings from a handstrap inside a cable car
And of course, there is going to be a lot of walking. Get some good shoes to avoid blisters and have a bag big enough to hold your shopping treasures
However you get around in San Francisco, you’re going to love it!
Travel safe.  Have fun.
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