Flat Ruthie Visits The Desert

Flat Ruthie and Kongo put the top down and headed out to the desert for some California sunshine and a yearning to find some of the famous spring wildflowers around Borrego Springs.  Well, they didn’t find any wildflowers.  The found a whole bunch of rocks, some cacti, and a mammoth.  Really, a mammoth.  Good time had by all.

A barrel cactus

Flat Ruthie takes in the view of Anza Borrego desert
Flat Ruthie and Cheeks go cactus climbing. What were they thinking?

Scattered across the desert floor are a collection of large animal sculptures. This elephant caught Kongo's fancy.
A blooming teddy bear cactus

Learn about the animal sculptures in the desert here.  There are several just outside Borrego Springs showing the animals that lived in the area hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Next week Flat Ruthie flies to Washington DC with Kongo.  Maybe they will have better luck finding cherry blossoms than they did with the desert wildflowers.

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Travel Safe.  Have fun.

6 thoughts on “Flat Ruthie Visits The Desert

  1. Anza Boreggo is my favorite place! Am going to blog about it myself this week. The sculptures are absolutely fabulous – they even have an entire book and trail about them. Will go back another time when the rains come and the wildflowers are abundant. Glad you had fun!

    1. The rangers at the park were apologizing profusely about the lack of flowers. I was hoping for fields of California poppies but not this trip. Some of the cacti are blooming. We needed more rain this year. The animals were quite striking. You kind of do a double-take when you see them and then have to pull over to figure it out.

  2. The Blonde Gypsy will be back in Californi next month and this is helping her get all inspired to venture out of the LA/Orange County area. Always wanted to go to Julian, thanks for giving me even more reason to do so 🙂