Flat Ruthie Does The Sugar Shack

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On a rainy day in Southern California Flat Ruthie and Kongo stop for breakfast at Kongo’s favorite diner; the Sugar Shack Cafe in San Clemente.


Flat Ruthie is on her way to LA for the first time to meet Kongo’s grand girls. Last week she had a hectic schedule in Washington, DC and never had a chance to see the cherry blossoms surrounding the tidal basin. She will be back there again in a week so she will get another chance when the blooms are expected to be at full peak.

Flat Ruthie has confided to Kongo that she really, really likes Southern California and the cross country lifestyle Kongo has shown her. She doesn’t know if she is ever going back to Pittsburg.

Read all about Ruthie and her worldwide adventures at cardboardmetravels.com


Travel safe. Have fun.


Update: Flat Ruthie and the rest of Kongo’s troop, Cheeks, Missy, and Valentine, meet Rabbit.



  1. You mean she is going to be a California girl now and forever? You are really entertaining her royally. Hope the grand girls get a kick out of her.


  2. It seems that Flat Ruthie can defy the odds and be in more than one place at a time. I heard travel rumors that she had been spotted in Spain as we speak.


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