The Artful Monkey

Kongo swung over to the La Jolla Arts Festival today to ratchet up his culture meter.  He’s been supervising a condo renovation for the past few weeks and was getting so tired of watching grout dry, listening to Mexican music on the crew radio,  and reading new appliance installation manuals.  Besides, monkeys don’t read instructions until after it doesn’t work like its supposed to and then it’s a chore to even find the right papers and what is so hard about installing a dishwasher anyway?  Enough of that…Kongo needed an art fix.

Nothing linke a barbed wire behind to get a monkey’s mind to wander…
Stone on stone. A colorful fish.
Sunflowers on a sunny day. The color just popped on this acrylic painting
Chalk art. Kongo liked the apples…
A chalk artist at work. The theme for the chalk art was old California agriculture advertisements
Kongo wanted to take King Kong home
Lots of pots everywhere
More pots

The La Jolla Arts Festival is a great event and proceeds go to help various charity organizations in San Diego.  The event this year is June 23-24 on the beautiful campus of the University of California at San Diego in La Jolla.  Admission is $14 for adults and children 16 and under get in free.  There is live jazz and music, two or three well placed spots for adult beverages, t-shirts to buy, and gobs of art to browse and buy.  More information about the annual event can be found here.

Travel safe.  Have fun.

8 thoughts on “The Artful Monkey

  1. Wow, what great art! I love the first one with the trees (is that all paper?), and also the stone fish. Looks like Kongo and Mrs. Kongo had a lovely time!

    1. Hi, Emily. Yes the first picture is paper media. Mrs. Kongo ended up buying a piece from this artist. It’s two women together titled “Best Friends” and since we were there with her very close friend Millie and her husband it is special to her.

  2. When I lived down in Southern California, I LOVED going to the La Jolla Art Festival. (Remember the old greeter at the corner by the pottery shop?)

    1. Judi, I must have missed the old greeter. We were there as soon as it opened but it is a great venue. It’s a very classy affair and the weather was perfect. Another wonderful weather day in San Diego

      1. The old man (unofficial greeter) may have been in Laguna rather than La Jolla. :-). And that was back in the early 1970s. Am so glad you had fun at this event.